Monday, October 5, 2009

Hoban's Masterpiece

So the Hoban kids decided to show their appreciation for the three Farm Managers with special parting gifts. Part of my gift was this spectacular Rap that I felt deserved its own blog post. I've heard rumor that Dom got video of the performance so if you're reading this, Dom, I need that. Without further ado...

Alex, he's my very best... Palex
Straight out of Portland
Brian, we gotta focus, quit playin' around
We need to do this
Alex, he's been here for two weeks,
never had a chicken beak
Speaking of a joke, Michaelangelo
Your skillz on the court are ill fo' sho'
More like HMO!!
At People's Self Help
John called you Alex Rodriguez
Great at makin' dinner
That's what she said!
You'd sacrifice anything just to give
You even invited Ben
back to your crib
Man, what's your problem?
Let's break this down...
Wild Woman
Chocolate Puddin'
Mad Skillz
Green Jacket
Big Thrillz
When's the next time we'll see ya?
Road Trip!!
Summer 2010
You'll be seein us then!
Ana's bum hip
was no work deterrence
Seein the boys in short shorts
was an act of endurance
Serving Lewis County
While driving and cracking jokes
It's great visiting Grandmas...
Air Quotes!
Alright Brittany, end this
Went to Wild Woman's
and got some cow licks
Today's Dino Fact is...
We Love you Alex!

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