Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Off Week: Heart Attacks, The Battle for Ohio, Thrill Shopping, and Pumpkin Pie

So we just had an off week but for an off week it's been pretty busy...
It started Saturday when Colleen and I went to Boss-Man Joe's place to catch the ND game vs. Washington. Joe and Laura were kind enough to have drinks and food for us though it was nothing like the usual fare of burgers and brawts out on South Quad. Ah well... I took in yet another Irish thriller, almost dying about 4 times in the process. Honestly, I will have to be taken to the hospital if the season continue like this. I dialed it down considering I was at my boss' place and everything but despite this I'm pretty sure they thought I was nuts. Joe was legitimately concerned for my well being and Colleen compared my performance to John Lewis' preaching (This is the same man who leaps around, bangs his fist and proclaims I! LOVE! JESUS!). I can't say I disagree. I still don't know where we stand with this Irish team. I only know: 1) Jimmy Clausen is a MAN and 2) Charlie will have to have heart surgery again following the season. While we're here I'd like to say that the lack of buzz for Jimmy's Heisman candidacy is embarassing. Dude is the #1 rated passer in the country, has developed into a real leader, and has led last minute game winning drives in consecutive games (Plus the late scores in the UM and MSU games). Unreal. There's no one I would trust more in the last 2 minutes of a football game right now. Who? Tim Jesus Tebow? He probably couldn't figure out which endzone was his at this point. Hey Yooo!!! Concussion Jokes. Clearly Jim has to play out the rest of the season but he should be getting a little bit more respect. It's not his fault our defense is atrocious.

Jamie's boyfriend, Corey, then came to visit until Monday. We drove to Maysville on Sunday in hopes of catching the Patriots- Ravens game. On the way we stoppped by Pumpkin Fest at R Farm (I swear I'm not making this up). But when we found that they charged $3 fro admission we decided to move on. We found this pretty chill Irish pub in the historic district. They had some delicious pizza that we dug into while watching the bar slowly fill with middle aged bikers. Unfortunately they did not have the Pats game but we ended up staying for the Cleveland- Cinci game. Colleen became somewhat of a impromptu Browns fan when she heard the pathetic stats attached to the team like how they only had one offensive touchdown all season and they hadn't scored 2 TDs in one game since November of last year. Apparently their ineptitude struck a pity chord with her. Fittingly the Browns choked the game away in OT. Such is the life of a Browns fan, I guess.

Having been foiled by Pumpkin Fest in our quest to procure the elusive orange vegetables (?), we stopped by the famer's market on Tuesday to pick up a few of them. After that it was off to Licking Valley to pack commodity boxes for the seniors. We then stopped by the Lewis County library where I finally picked up Lou Holtz's autobirography. After that it was off too Food World for some Farm Manager grub. I brougth $50 worth of petty cash and let me tell you it was a thrilling experience ringing up everything waiting to see if we came in under our budget. The register lady knew how to draw out the drama, ringing up the coupons last. The machine even seemed to rachet up the tension, initially not recognizing the very last coupon we had. There was a moment of uncertainty... and then... SUCCESS! We were at $49.55 and high fived everyone from each other to the bagger. It's the little victories, I guess. Who knew shoppping could be so thrilling? I told Jamie that I kind of want to go shoppping just for kicks now. Later that night Colleen used one of the pumpkins to make some delcious Pumpkin pie from scratch. The results of which can be found here.

Wednesday and Thursday were Portsmouth Days as we had to take Mao to the vet to get spayed. Mao was fine until about halfway through the drive when she decided to relieve herself in her carrier. It's all fun and games until the cat takes a crap in the back of the van... Oh well, we got some laughs out of it. After mass on Thursday we went to Dub Dub's to catch the end of Survivor: Somoa. She was in rare form, always a treat. The rest of the week was uneventful. We spent yesterday in Portsmouth, shopping at Aldi's and Kroger followed by gorging ourselves on Gatti's Pizza (cue the Colleen Bug Eyes). We got some sweet games of Canasta in as well, one of them won by yours truly. Now we're just resting up until the group from Mt. St. Mary's comes in a few hours

It should be an interesting two weeks with two groups in a row. I know we will be wiped once it's over but hopefully we can bring energy and enthusiasm for both groups. They are also our first college groups, which could be a challenge. All I've really got going for me in terms of authority is my Farm Manager Title and a rather pathetic beard considering I've been growing it for a month. The fact that these kids may be less than a year younger than us could pose problems, but I'm sure we'll find a way.

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